Top 5 New Years Resolutions for 2011


The new year has been ushered in, and with it the decade of the 00’s is over. A lot of people were glad to see the last year pass and hold plenty of hope for the next one.

As the years roll away one thing continues: New Year’s resolution.

Experts say this is because with the recognition of the passing of time people become nostalgic and reflect upon their lives. They want to improve their conditions. Many admit some things, mostly bad habits, need to be broken, and the new year brings a fresh start.

This is the perfect opportunity to change. The problem is that people don’t, really. Not to help you be discouraged, but most New Year’s resolutions are broken within weeks of being made. By summer they have long been forgotten. Summer rolls into fall. Thanksgiving comes, followed by the Christmas rush. Then, before you know it, it is time for another go at resolutions!

And that is where we are now. So, for those who are wanting to have another go at it, know you are not alone. Nearly 60% of adult Americans will be joining you. Here are the top five resolutions people will make and try to hold to this year:

1. Quit Smoking

2. Get Fit

3. Lose Weight

4. Enjoy Life

5. Quit Drinking

If you have resolved one of the above this year, good luck to you. Grab a partner that has the same goals as you and turn it into something fun. Set yourself milestones and reward yourself when you arrive there. Also, notice the improvements your resolutions are having on your life. The new year starts now.

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