Top Five Remote and Unheard of Islands in the World [LIST]


Not all of us can afford to open our wallets for a dreamy vacation on a remote island. But if we could, and for those of us who can, where would we go? Here is a list of some not-quite-uncharted islands, but almost.

1-Guludo Beach, Mozambique

The Quirimbas National Park had its inaugural year in 2002. It contains 11 islands in the southern part of the archipelago, and also a nice chunk of the mainland. There is a lodge where you can explore the islands. It was once a major trading spot of slaves and ivory. There are plenty of fisherman to see far off and plenty of coral reef to dive. You might also spy on elephants chewing on mangoes as you laze about the pure white sand.

2-Rio Frutilla, Bahia Arenal, Chile

The economy in South America is growing. It is a great time to visit. In the southern section of Chile you can experience some remote beaches, and some remote fjords as well. Some of the residents you can witness all year are marine wonders, including sea lion, dolphins and penguins. They may well be the only life you see in Bahia Arenal. It is not easy to reach. You must first get to Santiago, then to Puerto Montt, to Chaiten and then drive to the Rio Palena. From there you take a boat to the Bay.

3-Koh Lone, Thailand

A lot of people visiting Thailand make their way to Phuket. From there many go on to venture the Kohs, or Keys. Koh Lone is aptly named. It is one of the most remote. It is a small stretch of sand reaching two miles at its widest point from east to west, and less than 3000 ft. from north to south. It it only reachable via a longtail boat. There are no roads on the key. If you want to carry on a bit further you can reach Coral and Buddha Island, even more isolated.

4-Nellikunnu Beach, Kerala

Ever heard of Kerala? Well, it is in India. Its tropical setting offers coconut palms trees swaying about and the scent of Thulasi. It is a private beach accessible via the Thapovan Hotel. This place is very Zen. It overlooks the beach from its cliffs. It has rich, lush gardens.

5-Macushla Beach, Queensland, Australia

Hinchinbrook is a national park amidst the Great Barrier Reef, a truly breathtaking place. There is one resort there. The catch is that only fifty guest are permitted to lodge there. You can roam steep cliffs, observe waterfalls and stroll the isolated beaches of Macushla and North and South Shepherd. There are plenty of cockatoos to hear and see, and turtles, too. The place is drenched with mangroves. It requires a 40 minute journey by boat to reach it.

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