Top Nutritional Foods for Fast Weight Loss [LIST]


Lose Weight Healthily

If you want to build muscle and reduce fat and calories, then you can easily do so with the following nutritional foods, proven to shed those extra pounds fast. The lists below are divided under the categories of proteins, whole grains and carbs, vegetables, and fruits, so you can make a selection that is as diverse as it is healthy.

Choose from a Variety of Nutritious Foods

Choose the foods from each list that you are most likely to eat on a regular basis and you will find, by incorporating them into your diet, that you will not only become slimmer but also improve the way you look and feel.

Lean Proteins for Fast Weight Loss

Proteins that top the list of keeping weight off include:

–Salmon – This food also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, shown to keep your heart healthy and lower cholesterol too.

–Turkey breast or ground turkey


–Egg whites

–Whole eggs (if eaten no more than twice a week)

Whole Grains and Carbs that Burn up the Fat

Include the following whole grains and carbs in a fat-burning plan:

–Any multi-grain hot cereal


–Brown rice

–Whole wheat pasta

–Whole wheat bread

Eat these Vegetables for Keeping Slim

The following veggies, as well, are excellent choices:

–Broccoli (It takes more calories to digest broccoli than there is in this veggie, so this food is an excellent choice for reducing your calorie intake and burning fat.)

–Cabbage (Again, like broccoli, it takes more calories to digest this food than it contains.)


–Salad greens


Fruits High on the List

The best fruits to choose include:






Again, making a practice to eat any of the above-suggested foods is a good way to get rid of fat and keep it off permanently.

You can also glean some more important healthy weight loss information by watching the following video:

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