Trojan Is Wrapping It Up And Hitting The Streets


When I say the words “sex truck,” chances are – and understandably so – images of promiscuous erotic van style vehicles serving up the world’s finest STDs and reeking of the unique scent of lube and shame come to mind. But… you couldn’t be more wrong. As it turns out, Trojan Condoms have launched this sex truck for good reason in a place that breaks all taboo barriers – the streets of New York City baby!

Xbiz reports that “Trojan has rolled out a sex toy truck that’ll be hitting the streets this week to raise sexual health awareness with product giveaways and other activities.” How great is that? Don’t they always say the best way to educate is to stimulate the mind? Why not stimulate the erogenous zones while doing it? That’s sure to make you retain what you learned. In fact, I’d be willing to bet you could find psychological evidence that important information being absorbed during the exact time of an orgasm is more likely to be accurately recalled at a later date versus stressed out boring cramming. Just think of all the hours I could have said I was studying.

It’s further reported that the Trojan promo on wheels “will be traveling around Manhattan and Brooklyn this Thursday and Friday, distributing free Trojan Her Pleasure condoms and vibrating rings.” Bruce Tetreault, who is the group product manager for Trojan Sexual Health Products said, “The Trojan Vibrations Truck Tour is meant to be a fun and engaging ‘vehicle’ to share Trojan’s latest and greatest vibration innovations with pleasure-seekers throughout New York City.” Ah… truly a hedonist’s dream. Where the hell was with salacious-mobile when I was running around those streets?

The report revealed some of the lucky New York locations:
Off the Wagon near Washington Square Park and The Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. So far, the plan for the truck to ‘wrap up’ the New York promo trip in the resort town of Montauk at the tip of Long Island on Saturday leaving smiles as dust trails. Talk about ‘giving back’ to the community. So far, the truck doesn’t have any more love excursions so therefore I will be sending this Tetreault fellow my address ASAP.

Tetreault continued, “Our goal is to mainstream conversations around vibrators by interacting with consumers in an approachable way and make them more accessible to the masses.”

You know what they say, if it vibrates, they will come.

(Image from Trojan)

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