Turkish Police Pose As Doctors To Test Citizens

 ISTANBUL, Turkey ~ (Radikal/Reuters) ~ Turkish police have been conducting something of a social experiment by dressing as doctors and knocking on people’s doors to see how easily they fall for scams.
 The undercover cops told residents, living in the southeastern city of Gaziantep, that they were physicians out screening for high blood pressure and handling out pills, according to the daily newspaper Radikal. They were alarmed to discover that people in 86 out of 100 households visited on April 26th would swallow the pills immediately. Police would return later to warn the residents to be more cautious. The pills used in the scam experiment were harmless placebos, however a local gang has been using the same technique to trick people into taking heavy sedatives before robbing their homes.
 Turkish police conducting similar tests in other provinces have also used some interesting methods to test the gullibility of their local citizenry. Officers in Adana, located in southern Turkey, used an intercom and would call out to houses, saying, “I am a burglar, please open the door”. Cops were stunned at the number of people who would comply and open the door.
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