Two Girls In Pajamas Take Stolen Goat For A Walk


MANKATO, Minnesota ~ (Mankato Free Press/ AP) ~ One could easily wager that Mankato Police never expected to get a call dealing with goat larceny.

The 911 dispatcher sent the call over the radio saying a local resident reported two young girls, both dressed in their pajamas, were seen taking a goat for a walk around 11:30pm on Saturday, August 27th. The girls told the investigating officer that the goat was their pet, lived in their closet and they regularly took it out for late-night walks. With more questioning, the tale continued with the girls saying Mom had bought the goat a couple of weeks ago, but dad didn’t know about it. When the girls didn’t know their address, the officer left his squad car to walk them home, according to Cmdr. Dan Schisel of the Mankato Department of Public Safety.

As expected, when the officer talked to the parents he found out the story wan’t true. He was informed the girls, stepsisters aged 6 and 7, were attending a birthday party at Sibley Park’s zoo earlier in the day. Sometime between the party and late Saturday night they came up with their plan to sneak out of their house, go to the park and liberate one of the goats. The parents had no idea what the girls were up to, and Shisel said the story became more serious when officers learned that the parents had discovered the girls were missing and went out looking for them, but hadn’t contacted police themselves. The goat has been returned to the zoo; no charges of rustling have been filed.

Photo credit: Photobucket

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