UFC 100 Main Event Brock Lesnar Winner By TKO Of Mir In Second Round


UFC 100 Main Event Brock Lesnar was winner by TKO of Frank Mir in second round. Lesnar just crushed his opponent in the long awaited UFC rematch ad Mandalay Bay Events Center last night! Interesting, this is Brock’s only fifth mixed martial arts fight.


Lesnar did most of his work against the cage of the Octagon and stopped Mir’s standup. He’s still new to the mma fighting scene and didn’t look like a seasoned professional. His training is from the World Wrestling Entertainment, previous job.

Lesnar learned from his first fight that he didn’t want to be too aggressive and fight off a submission. This worked against him as Mir was accumulating points from the judges. Hard hitting shots to the body and face took were visible seen on Frank Mir as the first round ended.

Lesnar weighed in at a whopping 280 pounds. He demonstrated much of what would have happened in a wrestling match and loomed over Mir. During the second round more than a dozen punches to the face rendered his opponent useless, forcing referee Herb Dean to immediately stop the bout at the main event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 100’s 1:48 mark.

Thought the fight was over?! No it just began. The sold-out fight crowd at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas of 10,842 fans witnessed a spectacle from wrestling bouts where saliva spewed from Lesnar’s crazed face.

He kept giving to the crowd as the interview continued with a finger and a verbal jab to UFC’s top sponsor, Bud Light. Additionally, Brock mentioned how he might “get” with his wife, too! The crowd was audibly excited and no one can remember any fighter despised as much as him when exiting the Octagon. The UFC 100 winner results had Brock Lesnar victorious over Frank Mir in an epic evening of mma history.

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