UFC 92 Fight Results. Rampage is back Baby!


ufc92 fight results - Rampage Jackson - Rashad Evans - Forest Griffen - Wanderlei Silva - Frank Mir

For those who missed these fights or those who have seen them but want to watch them again, the UFC 92 fight videos will be posted here soon. They are not yet available online. Please check back for it. Rest assured that you will see the UFC 92 videos on this page as soon as possible. For now, here is a round by round account of the UFC 92 fights.

UFC 92 Fight Results: Light Heavyweight Championship
Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans


  • Round One: Fight goes to plan early, with Griffin taking the center of the octagon and Evans counter-punching. Griffin uses his length well, and that will be a key for him. Both land heavy leg kicks three minutes in. Griffin landed a shot to the body that Evans winced at, which was the most significant punch of the round. Close round, likely to Griffin.
  • Round Two: Forrest flurried early in the round, and though he didn’t land much, it likely made a good impression on the judges. Griffin is staying busy. Evans landed a big right with a minute to go. As the round ended, Griffin landed with an overhand right that caused Evans to wince again, but looked like a finger landed in his eye. Another close round.
  • Round Three: Evans hammered Griffin with a right, Griffin went down and Evans followed up with hammer fists and power shots from the top. Huge scoring shots for Evans. Forrest defends well for a while before taking a big elbow from the top. That opened things up for him. Evans landed a solid right, then jack hammered him with lefts from the top until ref Steve Mazzagatti called the fight.

Interim Heavyweight Championship: UFC 92 Results
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir

  • Round One: Nice uppercut early from Mir, who snaps Nogueira’s head back. Mir gets the takedown but eventually lets Nogueira up. Mir smashed Nogueira with a left hook and Nog went down. Mir winning the fight early on. Nog answered late with a right against the cage. Another big left by Mir as the bell ends. Excellent round for Mir, probably a 10-8.
  • Round Two: Mir rocked Nogueira with another left, then another. Nogueira went down and was in big trouble. Mir chased him to the ground and pummeled him with a series of punches until ref Herb Dean stopped it.

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva
UFC 92 Results: Light Heavyweight Match


  • Round One: Surprisingly, there was a feeling-out process early on, as they circled around and Rampage showed off some increased head movement. Rampage tried a take down two minutes in that was easily stuffed. The end came quickly and shockingly. Silva threw a right cross that missed, and Jackson countered with a left hook. It landed right on the chin and Silva was unconscious before he hit the mat. The ref stepped in but Jackson landed two more shots before being pried off Silva.

Rampage gets a measure of revenge on Silva, who knocked him out in similarly brutal fashion in their last fight with a knee to the face.

Mike Massenzio vs CB Dollaway UFC 92 Middleweight Fight

  • Round One: These two have excellent wrestling backgrounds and they competed against each other in junior college. Massenzio rocked Dollaway with a right, then got a guillotine. Massenzio looked like he had it, but Dollaway pulled out. Massenzio ended up on top and worked quickly to improve position. Dollaway got full mount, and Massenzio gave his back up. Dollaway landed punches from the back mount until ref Yves Lavigne stopped it for another first-round stoppage.

UFC 92 Results Heavyweight Fight Results
Cheick Kongo vs. Mostapha Al-Turk

  • Round One: Kongo is a heavy favorite in this one. Early on, Al-Turk threw a leg kick, Kongo caught it and landed a right that put Al-Turk down. Kongo didn’t follow up though, and let Al-Turk up. Al-Turk expended a lot of energy trying for the take down, but Kongo defended well as they clinched against the cage. Al-Turk accidentally hit him with a knee to the cup, and timeout was called. On the restart, they clinched, and Kongo returned the favor with a low blow. It’s not MMA; it’s Roshambo! They restart again; Kongo nailed Al-Turk with a hard right behind the ear, then one on the chin. Al-Turk went down and Kongo followed up with short elbows followed by heavy rights from the top, until referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight.
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