UFL: Las Vegas Locos crush the New York Sentinels in the last game of the regular season


In the last week of its regular season, the UFL clearly provided that which it had set out to do seven weeks prior – provide crowd pleasing entertainment.

Las Vegas Offensive Leader Dede Dorsey runs the ball into New York territory. <i>Photo by Mathew Carpenter</i>
Photo by Mathew Carpenter

After a relatively slow start to the inaugural season of the United Football League, the Las Vegas Locomotives seem to have synced their offensive game. After a clear early struggle in the first game of the season against the California Redwoods, former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel has definitely whipped the Locos into shape. Last week, Fassel and the Locomotives clinched their spot in the UFL Championship game against the very same Redwoods they struggled to defeat in Week 1. In an exciting Week 6, Las Vegas came from behind for a 16 – 10 win, as California dominated nearly three quarters of the game.

UFL Week 7 brought the New York Sentinels cross-country to Sam Boyd Stadium for New York’s last game of the regular season. The Las Vegas offense took the board early when linebacker Ezra Butler scooped up a loose ball and returned it 17 yards for a touchdown. It would be an indication of things to come. Vegas upped the ante as Tim Rattay, who started for J.P. Losman, led a seven play, 62-yard scoring drive that ended in a 4-yard pass completion to Jake Nordin. With the extra point, the scoreboard tallied New York Sentinels 0, Las Vegas Locomotives 14. With 5:40 left in the first half, Rattay once again led the Locos into Sentinel territory, this time finishing a 13 play scoring drive with a 32-yard field goal by Graham Gano, bringing the score 0 – 17.

LV Center Jesse Boone loses his helmet during the game <i>Photo by Mathew Carpenter</i>
Photo by Mathew Carpenter

But the excitement didn’t stop there. Early in the third quarter, both teams showed an extraordinary scene of camaraderie as New York Sentinel Noah Herron was knocked unconscious on the field and sustained injuries to his head and neck. As every player took a knee beside their fallen brethren, several minutes passed in the hushed stadium as onlookers waited for EMT and UFL doctors to assess the situation. Herron was revived, placed in a stretcher, and was wheeled away showing a hopeful “thumbs-up” sign as the crowd applauded. With 11:04 left in the third quarter, Rattay led a quick 5 play, 21-yard drive into the end zone ending with yet another good kick from Gano, bringing the score 0 –24. Despite their clear dominance over the game, Fassel and the Locos showed no mercy as Ezra Butler once again scooped up a loose ball at the New York 1-yard line. In what could quite possibly be the quickest scoring drive in UFL history: an 11 second, 1 play, 1-yard plow by Marcel Shipp, NY 0, LV 31.

Running Back and Former Houston Texan Marcel Shipp <i>Photo by Mathew Carpenter</i>
Photo by Mathew Carpenter

New York finally answered Las Vegas and prevented a total shut-out early in the fourth. In their first and only scoring drive, Sentinel Quarterback Ingle Martin finished off 9 plays for 80 yards with a 1-yard run by Charles Ali, the eventual kick putting them on the board, 7 – 38.

Locos kicker Gano finished off the last scoring play of the game with a 34-yard field goal, final score New York 7, Las Vegas 41.

Coach Jim Fassel, in a post game press conference, cleared the air about some of the lesser-known players that took the field. “I told the guys I wanted everyone to play tonight. I expected the second group to play well and they did. I think they did as well as the first group in a lot of ways. What was most important to me was that we didn’t come out and play a sloppy game. I was hard on them all week and they responded as they always have all year. We just made things happen tonight. We did not come here for any other reason than to play football.”

The Locos face a daunting task next week and take on the undefeated Florida Tuskers in the first ever UFL Championship game right here in Vegas’ own Sam Boyd Stadium.

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