UK Scouts Royal Kidnapping Exercise Draws Criticism


London, England (AP/Buckinghamshire Advertiser) – A British Scout troop’s annual outdoor exercise, which depicted the mock kidnapping of Prince Williams’ fiance, has double-cocked some cockney eyebrows.
The 2nd Amersham Common Scouts were conducting their annual outing in their small town west of London last week; their “quest” started with an actress playing Kate Middleton who was kidnapped & whisked away by a team of balaclava-clad men. Then an actor playing Prince William pleaded with the 300 Scouts, aged 11 to 13, to help him find his princess. Most of the young boys then spent about eight hours wandering the countryside in search of clues to solve the faux crime. The local paper quoted event organizer Brian Shelly, who said he saw nothing inappropraiate with the rescue-the-princess theme of the event.
“I don’t think it was inappropriate,” Shelley was quoted as saying. “The scouts loved it and found it very amusing. Nobody raised any concerns on the day, so I’m surprised to hear if there were any.” News of the game drew concern from local councilors and even got some natioal media attention.
Messages seeking any comment from the Scout troop were not returned, and Buckingham Palace has also declined to comment on the mock kidnapping exercise. The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is scheduled to take place on April 29th; the government is expected to deploy a major security presence for the event, but no word as to whether the Scouts will get an invitation.
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