Underwear Invention Protects Privacy During Airport Screenings

(AP Photo/Rocky Flats Gear)

DENVER, Colo. —-  Public anger over TSA’s full body scans at the airport has led one Colorado inventor to design a special kind of underwear that will protect your privacy and dignity during airport screenings.

Inventor, Jeff Buske of Rocky Flats Gear says his invention uses a special strategically placed fig leaf that is comprised of a powdered metal substance that will protect people’s privacy during medical or security screening.

Buske says the underwear’s inserts are thin and conform to the body’s contours, making it difficult to hide anything beneath them. The mix of tungsten and other metals do not set off metal detectors.

While the men’s underwear comes with the fig leaf design the woman’s undergarment is in the shape of a clasped hand.

Recently, TSA’s tactics have come under fire after several people refused to undergo full-body scans because they felt it violated their right to privacy.

Police were called to a security checkpoint at the Tampa International Airport earlier this month after a male passenger refused to a full-body scan. The unidentified man became angry after being told to go through the security measure at Airside E. When police arrived the man had calmed down and ultimately opted for a body pat-down, and was allowed to board his flight.

The newly designed underwear will protect your privacy; however, it remains unclear whether it would lead to a more intrusive pat down by Federal Transportation Security Administration officials.

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