University of Colorado Student Pays Tuition in $1 Bills


Remember when you were just a young whippersnapper and you were saving up for that Red Ryder BB Gun? And so you were scrounging up every last penny for what seemed like eternity, frantically searching for change in between the couch cushions, offering to mow the lawn for a few bucks, and performing any and every other semi-meaningless chore you could conjure up. Then you shoved all of that loose change and those crumpled up dollar bills into your porcelain piggy bank for safe keeping. You made your way to the store on that one, fine day and preceded to dump what was then your life savings of a whopping $14.75 onto the counter at Toys R Us. Don’t act like you guys never did anything similar.

Well, University of Colorado student, Nic Ramos, decided to act in a somewhat similar manner as he recently paid his entire semester’s tuition of $14,309.51 in $1 bills. No worries though. the burlap sack o’ cash only weighted in at a mere 30 pounds. Talk about being able to make it rain.

The message behind the outlandish activity from Ramos was to prove the point of just how outrageous out of state tuition costs really are. According to his calculations, an out of state student at the University of Colorado pays approximately $65 an hour to attend classes. Makes you want to go to college forever, huh? Let’s all take up graduate courses shall we?

While there has been no statement released from any member of the college’s faculty or administration, we do know however, that it took three related employees roughly three hours to count through the stack of singles.

Sounds like some rap video plot right there.

See accommodating video below:

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