Unmasked Seattle ‘Superhero’ Vows to Continue Fighting Crime [Video]


SEATTLE, Washington “Masked Marvel – Seattle “superhero” Phoenix Jones, who was recently arrested on suspicion of assault, revealed his true identity this week and vowed to continue fighting crime in his area.

Rigged out in his black-and-yellow superhero costume outside a Seattle courthouse, Jones removed his mask for reporters to confirm his true identity.

“I am Phoenix Jones,” he declared, “I’m also Ben Fodor.

“I also protector of the city, I also am a father and I also am a brother. I’m just like everyone else.

“The only difference is that I decided to make a difference and stop crime in my neighborhood and my area.”

“I intend to keep making that difference. The charges were false.”

Fodor, 23, appeared in Seattle Municipal Court Thursday accused of pepper-spraying a group of innocent nightclub-goers he believed were involved in a street brawl.

A video posted on the internet, shows Fodor rushing on foot toward the crowd  yelling “call 911” as he plows into the group with a can of pepper spray.

The footage shows some in the crowd angrily fighting back. One woman began to scream and beat Fodor with her shoe before police arrived.

Fodor said he was confident that a 13-minute video of Sunday’s altercation, taken by a member of his entourage, proved him innocent.

Prosecutors have yet to file charges against Fodor, but said he remains under investigation and a case could be brought against him at a later time.

The video has turned Fodor into something of a national celebrity, since he began patrolling downtown Seattle streets a year ago.

Besides carrying pepper spray to help break up fights and petty crimes, Fodor has also been known to carry a stun gun and a mobile phone for his late-night crime-fighting escapades.

Fodor pledged to continue patrolling the streets of Seattle as Phoenix Jones immediately.

“I have looked toward the future and see what I can do to help the city,” he said.

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