Upgrade: Google Gets New Homepage


The most powerful search engine on the planet, (and then some. The race isn’t really that close) Google, still continues to up the ante in keeping things fresh for all its many users. I mean if you missed out on the six string showdown a while back, shame on you. I am fully aware that if you’re reading this wonderfully crafted piece, as we speak, you have probably witnessed the Google transformation already.

Fairly subtle changes have been made, but they can certainly be noticed right off the bat. Quite frankly, I thought something was wrong with my browser at first glance. Anyhow, a slim black bar or header trim has been added to the top of the page, while the Google logo has over-gone a small decrease in size. Who says bigger is better?

The re-up was said to have been inspired by principles of focus, elasticity and effortlessness, all things which the mega-company prides themselves on, obviously (insert sarcasm here). With that being said, Google’s creative director has also hinted that there will be similar changes coming in the near future.

Who ever said don’t mes with a good thing? Now be a good, little boy and hit up Google.com — right now.

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