Urine Boiled Eggs: Chinas Hottest New Export


DONGYANG, China —“Cool Hand Puke”— Eggs boiled in young boys’ urine have been a staple in Dongyang, China for thousands of years but local chefs say the unusual delicacy has quickly become the region’s newest and hottest export.

Most of us could not fathom the idea of eating such a repugnant dish. However, the tong zi dan (Boy Egg), are said to be delicious and healthy because of the type of urine they use for the eggs.

“The urine is gathered from local schools and the very best comes from boys under 10 years old. They pee in buckets and we collect it fresh every day,” explained chef Lu Ming.

Then the eggs – which have official cultural significance status – are boiled in the urine, first with their shells on and then with them off for a day and a night before they’re ready to be eaten.

The eggs are said to be delicious and healthy. Reportedly, they stop fevers and can improve concentration and give the eater a boost if they feel feeling sluggish or tired.

However, not everyone in Dongyang is on board with the tong zi ban way of eating. The director of the Department of Nephrology at Central Hospital notes that since urine is a human waste, people shouldn’t eat urine-boiled eggs for their health benefits. Jia Suqing, a doctor at the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Jinua, views it as “unsanitary” but acknowledges that eating the delicacy “has become a local custom.”

Would you ever try urine-boiled eggs?

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