Verizon Poised to Launch Second 4G LTE Phone, Droid Charge


Still have yet to pick up the coveted iPhone 4? No worries, as the nation’s largest network continues to crank out solid alternatives. (Sorry for those of you who went with other providers.) Announced just a day or so ago, Verizon is set to release yet another 4G LTE phone, dubbed the Droid Charge.

Prepped and ready to become the follow-up of the wireless company’s premiere 4G jaunt in the HTC Thunderbolt, the Charge (from Samsung) should prove to be yet another upgrade amongst the already impressive Droid line-up. And did I forget to mention that the HTC Thunderbolt trumped iphone 4 sales in its first quarter of existence? Where you at, Apple? Not sure, but we’re are , in fact, eagerly awaiting that iPhone 5 (June or September?).

Nonetheless, the Charge will obviously be lightning quick due to Verizon’s top notch 4G speeds, as well as come equipped with a vibrant 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, dual cameras (8 megapixel in back and 1.3 in front), and a 1 ghz processor. Not too shabby, huh? Unfortunately, however, it will not and can not cook you breakfast. Not yet, anyway.

The lone drawback, thus far, is the price tag. As Verizon continues to crank up its prices (why, why?), the impressive piece of equipment is expected to retail (with a 2 year agreement) at $300. So, stack up on those pesos now as the solidified release date is April 28.

Come on, Steve Jobs. We’re waiting…

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