Verizon Releases Its First iPhone Commercial [VIDEO]


What? You haven’t seen it yet? Do you never watch TV or do you just live in a cave? Okay so maybe that was a little harsh, but just in case you frantically rushed over to your television set to hit the on switch, relax. The debut iphone 4 footage from Verizon Wireless is a little less stellar than that, as it is a mere YouTube video. Big money marketing at its finest, huh? My bet is on a tremendously over the top Super Bowl time slot, in which it will have Verizon customers and basically tech lovers alike, standing at attention and saluting accordingly. I can’t lie though, I will be there with them front and center.

As it has been several years of exclusive contract between Apple and AT&T, isn’t it only right and fitting that the nation’s most celebrated cell phone carrier link up with the world’s most explosive technological provider? I know that you all agree with me. More business for both companies and more cash money for each – win, win. As if either need the echo boost.

But here you have it, folks, in all of its internet exclusive glory – the premiere Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 endorsement. Better get used to these, as I’m sure they will be bombarding your radio airwaves, favorite web pages, and TV screens. Got goose bumps yet? Tick tock, the time is counting down, for on February 10, Verizon will officially have the iPhone 4 available to its customers. Score. Now roll that beautiful bean footage.

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