VIDEO: A Glimpse Inside a Vegas Nightclub

For those of you who live out of town or perhaps live in Vegas but don’t like the nightclub scene, I thought it’d be cool to share this video with you. It seems as though in most other cities, to catch a major performance you have to get concert tickets or pay to go see a show. In Las Vegas, it can be Sunday – Saturday when you’re at a club and are surprised by a special guest performance by one of your favorite music artists.

DRAKE Performs “Money to Blow” at Haze Nightclub Las Vegas | via Kozmoe at HAZE

All of the nightclubs in Las Vegas have had several major acts come in and perform. As of late, Haze Nightclub at City Center has been dominating the performances. The last time I was there, as I headed to the bathroom when rapper Fabolous hopped up on stage and gave a very unexpected performance. Not bad for a random Thursday night! In the above video, you can see DRAKE performing at HAZE; before that – Usher, DJ Tiesto, Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson, One Republic, The Dream and Katy Perry were there – to name a few. Keep in mind, Haze Nightclub has only been open for three months!

In most cases these performances are 2-4 songs long, but if you’re standing in the right spot you can have awesome seats for nothing more than the price of entry into the club! Venues here in Las Vegas pay tens of thousands of dollars to have these artists come here and entertain you to make your experience at their nightclub an unforgettable one. If you haven’t seen a live performance in a Vegas nightclub, simply visit our Las Vegas Events page and I bet you’ll find one within the next few days! Enjoy…

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