Vile Vandals Violate A N.Y. Dunkin’ Donuts for No Reason [Video]


NEW YORK, N.Y. –A group of scumbags, a dozen deep, were captured on video trashing a New York Dunkin’ Donuts for no apparent reason, causing $25,000 in damage police said.

The vandals, captured on close circuit television entered the Dunkin’ Donuts in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village around 8 p.m. on May 16 and without notice began turning tables over and throwing chairs toward the display case.

In addition to vandalizing someone’s business the group took donuts and sodas while one woman climbed over the counter.

New York police released the tape Tuesday and asked for the public’s help in identifying these vile vandals and to give the store owner some much needed justice.

It is a sad state of affairs when a group of ill-mannered a-holes decide to take it upon themselves to destroy someone’s business.

What justification could they offer for such scumbag behavior? Instead of flash mobs where everyone suddenly breaks into dance and has a good time, these fuckers go about destroying someone’s livelihood.

Even more annoying, is once they are caught most of them will plead out and will receive what amounts to a small slap on the wrist, effectively offering no deterrent for future behavior.

So what is the solution?  Unfortunately there is no solution because this country’s laws are weak and cater to the criminal rather than the victim and will remain that way as long as we allow it.

Perhaps a fitting punishment would be visiting their homes and their parent’s homes and trashing them. Maybe the experience and helplessness of such a dastardly act would teach them to behave themselves in public, probably not!

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