How To Violate The Dress Code in Las Vegas


Dress code is simple. Las Vegas Clubs aren’t much different than any other Nightclub you’ve been to. Though there are some places that are a little stricter with their dress codes than others, the standard rules usually apply.

Las Vegas Fashion

Our team here at My Vegas Scene wouldn’t steer you wrong! Follow these simply guidelines to ensure you never get turned away at the door!

Gentleman – No sneakers, flip flops or hats. If you want to play it safe, make sure to have a collar on your shirt, unless it’s one of those fancy T-shirts where the doorman must use their discretion. Jeans are fine; just make sure they’re not too baggy and hanging off your knees. Also – if you question the shoes you have on because they’re some hybrid of shoe – chances are the doorman will question them too. Most importantly, please keep your shades off in the club. Unfortunately it’s not a good look for you anymore. If it were, maybe that would justify why you’re walking around with sun blockers on your face in a dark establishment….but since it’s not (a good look), then there is no explanation for it.

Ladies – Keep it sexy, but appropriate. No flip flops, sandals or hats. No bikini tops or any sort of beach wear. In most cases, if you’re a girl and you keep your attire appropriate, you’ll be fine getting in. All we ask of you ladies is that you keep your shoes on! I can’t even imagine the pain that you feel towards the end of the night after trekking around in those clogs and dominating the dance floor, but how did you think you would feel with those 6 inch heels? Sure, it’s not easy being cute, but I promise you, watching you walk around barefoot on the floors that people puke on, spit on and do other things on…isn’t very cute either!

Failure to abide by any of the aforementioned standards could result in a violation of Las Vegas nightlife dress code. As always, thank you for reading. We appreciate your swift attention to this matter.

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