Voodoo Sex Ritual Starts Brooklyn Blaze Guts Building


 BROOKLYN, New York (New York Post/UK Daily Mail) ~ A voodoo sex ceremony is being blamed for starting a raging fire that tore through a Brooklyn Apartment building, killing one woman, injuring 20 firefighters and leaving 50 families homeless.

 It is alleged that a woman paid a fourth-floor voodoo priest $300 to perform a ritual that would bring her good luck. The priest placed candles around the floor near some “combustible materials” and lit them. The couple then started to have sex as part of the ritual and that was when the candles were knocked over, igniting the bedsheet and recently discarded clothing.

 The couple did not immediately call 911 services but instead tried to douse the flames with water. Other building occupants started to open doors and windows to ventilate built-up smoke and the fire escalated as 40-mph winds created a blowtorch effect.  Soon the fire was our of control and engulfed the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the building. Fifty families were left homeless and one person died in the blaze; 62-year-old retired guidance counsellor Mary Feagin, who lived on the sixth floor.

 It took almost 200 firefighters close to seven hours to bring the fire under control, with 20 personnel injured. President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York Steve Cassidy said that staff cuts imposed by the Bloomberg administration three weeks ago created serious delays in getting help to the fire. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says delays at the site had nothing to do with staffing. A statement from City Hall said, “‘The first arriving units, which were on the scene in three minutes, never had a chance to extinguish the fire in the original apartment. Contrary to the UFA’s statement, it was the open-door problem, greatly exacerbated by severe winds, that fueled this fire into an unstoppable conflagration.”

Photo: Associated Press

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