Watch A Tribute to Zack Morris’ Iconic Cell Phone [VIDEO]


Easily one of the greatest contributions from the ’90s (no, really) was the hit TV show Saved by the Bell. Whether you were a girl aching to get with the quintessential jock, AC Slater, or the all-around smooth operator, Zack Morris — or if you were a guy fiending for some loving from the ever-popular cheerleader, Kelly Kapowski — the program had something for everyone. Sorry, we didn’t forget you, Screech — as well as the rest of the beloved characters.

But digging deeper beyond that of the cast and characters, there may have been no more iconic aspect of the show than Zack’s brick of a cell phone. I mean after all, he was the only one in school — better yet, anywhere — who had one.

Always strategically placed either in his backpack, locker, or back pocket — it didn’t matter the time or the setting — Morris always had the power of communication at his disposal. Yes, even during class.

And while the giganta-phone may seem quite laughable now, in appearance alone, it provided for some unmistakable comedic moments during the show, that you kids of the ’80s and ’90s are sure not to forget.

So take this walk — or movie — down memory lane, as we have this oh so necessary tribute to Zack Morris’ iconic cell phone.

How fitting that this would surface, just as we receive news of the forthcoming iPhone 4S? Stop crying, kids. The iPhone 5 will get here sometime — maybe.

Nonetheless, enjoy the nostalgia below:

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