What Gives: Lady Gaga’s $4,500 Penis Heels Get Censored on American Idol


Boy was American Idol in for a treat just the other night as the theatrical wonder, Lady Gaga, graced the contestants with her ever-artistic presence. The Grammy Award winner was appointed to mentor the remaining Idolees for their upcoming performance, but of course, Gaga had to do it in style. And what better way to scream high fashion and class than a $4,500 pair of heels? Not just any heels, however. These Void of Course beauties were chiseled into the shape of a penis. Ask me how big and I’ll slap you.

Rightfully outraged, the show’s producers were then forced to sensor the clear “privates” with the American Idol logo. How cute, right? I guess any and all who work with the drama queen and outlandish princess should learn to brace themselves and maybe do a pre-wardrobe check — good idea, don’t you think?

Nonetheless, I’m sure that all of those connected with the show as well as the network can’t complain too much, as the numbers and ratings undoubtedly went through the roof. I mean, these kids do love them some Gaga.

The only question I’m left with — is what do you do with penis shaped footwear after you’re done rocking them? Until next time, Lady Gaga.

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