Whoa: White Girl Rips Rap Cover [VIDEO]


Female rappers — not at all the rage. White rappers — possibly even less well-received than the aforementioned estrogen emcee. But one thing is for certain, Karmen (no last name found, anywhere) has enough talent to possibly sway some people’s minds, at least for a few minutes (while watching the footage, of course).

The white girl singer/rapper recently took to covering Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. And no, not solely the singing parts either. While she is undoubtedly a talented singer, those are seemingly a dime a dozen these days. Where she ultimately excels is what you never would have expected — the rapping.

With a spit-fire delivery, mirroring that of the most seasoned of artists, Karmen flies through Breezy, then Wayne’s verse and makes it to Busta’s with the slightest of ease. Now if you have heard the song for even once, or know Busta Rhyme’s delivery whatsoever, even the simplest of mimicking is a task. He is certainly not the fastest rapper in the world, but definitely ranks up there with the fiercest.

But that proves to be no problem for Karmen as she kicks it into high gear for Bussa Buss’ rapdio verse, leaving all who view, virtually in awe. Expect the highly talented musician to gain all due exposure after this one is said and done. I’m actually predicting a record deal in the near future. Who wants to take that bet?

Caucasian Nicki Minaj? Well, with vocal talent. Enjoy.

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