Whoops: Vanderbilt Mascot Gives Student Bloody Nose [VIDEO]


Iron Mike, is that you? No professional boxer was actually present at last night’s college basketball in-state match up between Vanderbilt and Tennessee, but possibly a future fighter was subsequently found. Vanderbilt’s mascot, “Mr. C,” was enjoying a friendly crowd surfing experience when something evidently got under the skin (or suit, if you will) of the face of the Commodores and led him to unleash a bit of fury.

Luckily, ESPN cameras captured the event, documenting Mr. C getting upset at a member of Vanderbilt’s student body, then suddenly the mascot unleashed a vicious blow to the poor kid’s face, bloodying his nose and leaving all his friends around in simulations shock and laughter. The right-handed punch was so impactful that the student’s nose begin to leak blood immediately, when he then was handed a sheet of newspaper (?) to sop up some of the mess. I guess when that’s the first thing that comes handy, you roll with what you’ve got, huh?

Anyhow, while no word has been released on just what set off the school’s showman, it also appeared that he was close to choking the victim as well. Maybe the guy takes his job a little too seriously. Or possibly, the student gave Mr. C a fatal “your momma” joke, embarrassing him amidst all his peers. I bet that’s what happened.

Also, no news has been disclosed of the punishment regarding the mascot, but I’m all for throwing some gloves on the kid, putting him in the ring, and letting him go blow for blow with a real opponent. How ya like me now?

See video below:

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