Wife Threatens to Castrate Husband over Strip Club Visits


BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wisconsin —–A Wisconsin woman was charged with disorderly conduct with a weapon after she threatened to castrate her husband for frequenting strip clubs.

Maria E. Casarez, 39, of Brockway told authorities she was trying to scare her husband during the Jan. 14 incident.

 According to investigators, Casarez and her husband, Benjamin had returned to their home after an evening of drinking at a local bar when “they started getting intimate.” During their make out session Casarez removed her husband’s clothes then produced a pocket knife and held it to Benjamin’s genitals.

Thinking fast, Benjamin was able to knock the knife from his wife’s hands as he got the upper hand and pushed her onto the bed, holding her there until police arrived.

Casarez told authorities the couple had relationship problems and she was upset by his visits to strip clubs. She said she didn’t feel he was properly addressing her concerns, so she wanted to scare him, according to the complaint.

A Breathalyzer examination performed on Mrs. Casarez during the call showed her blood alcohol level was 0.125 percent well past the legal limit of 0.08.

Casarez was charged in Jackson County Court with disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon in a domestic abuse situation.

She was later released on a $300 cash bond. At the time of this report it wasn’t clear if Casarez had an attorney or if she had reconciled with her husband.

Casarez is due back in court February 21.

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