Willie Nelson Pot Case To Be Settled For A Song


SIERRA BLANCA, Texas ~ (Big Bend Now) ~ Country music legend Willie Nelson will have his day in court, as the prosecution is ready to make a plea deal to settle his case of possession of marijuana, and for a song too.

Hudspeth County Attorney Kit Bramblett is offering Nelson a plea deal to resolve his case; Nelson must pay a fine, court costs and appear in county court to perform the song “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”. Willie was arrested on November 26th of 2009 after a Border Patrol agent smelled marijuana smoke coming from Nelson’s tour bus at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. A little more than six ounces was confiscated, Willie was arraigned and allowed to continue on his way after post a $2500 bond.

Thousands of vehicles travel through two border checkpoints in Hudspeth County and occasionally finding some pot is fairly common. Bramblett handles 10 to 12 cases a month dealing with personal use amounts. The 6.24 ounces found in Nelson’s bus is actually over the limit that Bramblett can handle in his jurisdiction, but Bramblett explained, “Between me and the sheriff, we threw out enough of it or smoked enough so that there’s only three ounces, which is within my jurisdiction.”

Bramblett went on to explain that, when you take the contraband out of its packaging, the weight decreases and that’s how Nelson came to appear in the county attorney’s case load. For small, misdemeanor amounts Bramblett often allows a defendant to plead guilty and pay their fine and court costs through the mail. County Judge Becky Dean Walker issued a mandate to Bramblett: “She told me you don’t dare let Willie Nelson plead through the mail,” the attorney recounted.

The fine will be $100 and court costs amount to $278; Bramblett is in contact with Nelson’s lawyer and the next time the singer’s schedule brings him close to town, Bramblett will be notified and Willie will make a stop at the Hudspeth County courthouse for a command performance. “Willie Nelson is 77 years old and I’m 78,” Bramblett said. “He’s been my favorite artist all my life. We all know he smokes a little pot.”

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