Woman Goes Missing After She Dies


There’s something weird going on in Birmingham Alabama. Jimmie Lee Scott has been missing since 2010. Now people go missing all the time, but usually they’re not already dead.

According to the lawsuit filed by Scott’s daughters they handed over their deceased mother to Ross-Clayton Funeral Home, Inc. The company then handled all of the funeral arrangements for the deceased, eventually transporting her casket to the Oakwood Cemetery Annex in Montgomery. That should have been the end of it right?

When Scott’s daughter Dakota later went to place flowers on her mother’s grave she found the tombstone to be in a different location. When Dakota contacted the Ross-Clayton Funeral Home they assured her that her final resting place was indeed correct. Again that should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

The funeral home contacted Scott to inform her that her mother’s casket would have to be moved since another family already owned the plot. When workers dug up the grave where Scott’s headstone rested, they neither found Scott or any other body in the plot. When they realized their mistake other graves were dug up in search of Jimmie Lee Scott, but to no avail.

Scott’s three daughters are asking for $3 million all together in damages. They have been forced to relive the painful memories of losing their mother while not even being able to visit her resting place. Also named in the suit is the representative from the Ross-Clayton Funeral Home, and Forest Hills Memorial Park was called to take care of the burial portion. The lawsuit states that Forest Hills has a history of situations like this.

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