Toronto Woman Pronounced Dead in Error


Toronto police are not giving much detail about what happened to the woman that was wrongfully pronounced dead last January. No name has been cited or what caused the woman’s condition to fail so badly that police and every motel personnel that encountered the woman thought the same.

She appeared dead. The police were called onto the scene when one of the staff of the Days Inn located outside Toronto found her in a room. The room was then sealed when arriving officers determined the same. A criminal investigation was begun as there appeared to be foul play.

There is no open record stating what injuries the woman had or how they surmised she received her injuries. Perhaps they have asked her, as the forensic investigators found her with extremely faint vital signs. She was then taken to the emergency room. After receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries, she was released.

Tongue-in-cheek, the authorities have said it was “an eye-opening experience” for the police officers involved, who are not actually authorized to pronounce anyone dead unless it is obvious. They have been cleared from any wrongdoing and trained more precisely on how to pronounce someone dead.

As quoted from the Toronto Sun, “I am confident we are unlikely to see a recurrence of this nature,” commented chief Rob Davis in a press release.

In case you were wondering, it was reported the internal investigation has been closed.,1

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