Woman Sues Man After Facebook Romance Fails


LIVONIA, Michigan ~ (WXYZ-TV/AP) ~ In a case where Mafia Wars led to legal wars, a Detroit woman is suing a Washington state man for more than $8,000 after a Facebook-sparked romance failed.

50-year-old Cheryl Grey of Livonia filed a civil lawsuit back in May of this year against 35-year-old Wylie Iwan from Keenewick, Washington; the suit claims misrepresentation, defamation of character and other charges. She is seeking reimbursement for gifts she bought for Iwan during their 6-month relationship, including items like a digital camera and Seattle Mariners baseball home opener tickets. She reports that, so far Iwan has repaid a total of $300.

Grey, a single mother, said they met while playing the Facebook/Zynga game Mafia Wars, and later the friendship became romantic. For months they spent several hours a day communicating online. Grey told WXYZ-TV she bought a plane ticket so she could fly to Washington and visit him, but a week before the trip Iwan sent a message telling Grey that he had met someone else. She said she later felt humiliated by disparaging comments left on Facebook about her. Julian Poota, defense lawyer for Iwan, told the Associated Press he’s filed a motion to dismiss the case but declined any further comment; the case goes to Livonia District Court on August 1st.

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