Women On A Quest to Weigh 1,800 Pounds [VIDEO]


Most women have lofty goals of shedding away the pounds. I mean let’s face it, society doesn’t exactly cater to those who are forced to waddle around instead of walk. But one such Arizona woman, Susanne Eman, has set out to do quite the opposite. The mother of two is on a quest to become the world’s largest human being. That’s right — she aims at weighing 1,800 pounds. I’m not exactly sure how much a car weighs, but it’s got to be pretty close. Just throwing that out there.

In order to reach her set mark, Eman says that she is constantly eating, not only during the accustomed meal settings but literally all throughout the day she constantly has a snack (or two or three) in her hand. She is unaware of exactly how many canaries she is consuming daily but would estimate somewhere around 20,000 — just about average, right?

What I don’t quite understand is that with two young children and of course doctors advising her against this, why she would continue and possibly leave her kids without a mother. I guess we all have our dreams, huh? Who cares who we hurt in the process?

Nonetheless, America is obsessed with obesity (considering a large percentage of us actually are), therefore you might be interested to know that you can follow Susanne Eman’s awkward journey via Twitter and her personal blog to see just where she is with her life long dream.

Oh — and FYI — Susanne tips the scale at roughly 728 pounds as we speak. The lady has some work to do.

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