Wynonna Judd Loses 55 Pounds and Celebrates by Pole Dancing


She’s not only dropped a whopping 55 pounds, but she also went down five whole dress sizes; our favorite yo-yo dieter Wynonna Judd is back to skinny!

So how did she celebrate? “I went to my first club in Vegas and danced on the pole with friends!” Judd told People Magazine.

Somehow that image is just not sitting right in my head…

Anyway, it appears that this time Judd is serious about her weight loss and her wellbeing after a string of scary health scares, a major accident, and some difficult family issues. In March, doctors found blood clots in her lungs, a short time later, Judd was involved in a major head-on collision, and of course she’s still recovering from the fact that her ex-husband was convicted of sexual battery of a minor.

Hell, that’s more than enough excitement to get a girl eatin’!

Supposedly all these incidents really gave her the wake-up call she needed to get healthy and change the way she “used food to soothe and reward.” Changes like, getting the goodies out of the house. “Very seldom will you see donuts in my house because I can eat a box,” says Judd. “It’s like a chip, I can’t eat just one.”

Adopting a more active lifestyle has also had its benefits. Now Judd can “walk up the hill behind my house without puking.

Now if that’s not a major accomplishment I don’t know what is.

Wynonna is using a treatment method called “brain state conditioning” to help lose more weight and keep it off. It’s been teaching her to not use food as a way to deal with stressful situations.

Well, whatever she’s doing its working and we really hope her new positive streak will continue.

But please Wynonna, just lay off the pole dancing…

Written by K. Politis

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