XS nightclub makes it big opening night!

The rumors are out that XS Nightclub brought in over 1 and a half million plus last night for one of the biggest new years club openings ever on the las vegas strip.

After walking up to see the GA line that wrapped all the way out past the la reve theater and spilled onto the wynn casino floor.

The bottles we’re flowing hard last night as we rolled in at 1am and the complete club was still sold out. After running around we saw big client like Michael Coldean from the Carolina Panthers and others out by the pool with big time player Chuckie Peterson at a Dance floor table buying mass bottles of Dom P.

We decided to leave at 4:30 to head out to Drais to see how the crowd was there. After ordering a few bottles and chicken fingers with our big gambler Shannon Warren from Canada we decided to head put and walk back to the suite at Encore.

More details to come as the official release of numbers are sent in. Stay tuned to MyVegasScene.com for the updates.

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