Yes! You Can Have 3 Breasts! For Halloween!


Halloween is a great day to act like a boob, but why stop at one when you can have three.

You could dress up as Jasmine Tridevil, 21, the Florida woman who caused the Internet to collapse in hilarity after she claimed to have had a third breast inserted between the two she was born with.

Yes, the Tridevil story seems to be a hoax, but Halloween is the perfect time to pretend you’re something you’re not. has created a do-it-yourself costume that allows anyone with the will and desire to be a three-breasted woman.

three breasted halloween costume

The company suggests overlapping and hot gluing two pairs of their $9.99 “super drooper boobs” together. Then, just use shiny pink fabric as a makeshift bra.

A little bronzer will help the breasts match the wearer’s skin tone, and a jet black wig tops the whole ensemble. spokesman Marlon Helmerl said the company knew they had a winner of an outfit when they first saw Tridevil showing off her three-pack.

“When the initial story of the infamous three breasted woman went viral, it had the familiar ‘this could be big’ ring of Miley’s twerking antics of 2013,” he told HuffPost by email. “We knew this had the potential to blow the lid off gag costumes in 2014.”

Helmerl predicts the Tridevil-inspired costume has what it takes to be a popular Halloween costume.

“The more timely — and often bizarre, awkward or generally shocking — the better virility of the costume,” he said. “The idea is to create a costume that is right on the top of everyone’s mind, and get a few disapproving head shakes in the process.”

For those of you who forget, here’s the photo that started it all:

  • Spaghetti And Meatball Costume
    Parents only get one, maybe two, chances to make their kids look “adorable” (read: “stupid”) on Halloween. After the age of two, kids start making demands about their costume. Take advantage of your kids having no ability to fight back by making them wear this spaghetti costume. Take photos to blackmail them when they’re teens.
  • Inflatable Beard
    Looking for the final touch to your hipster costume? This inflatable beard will show you’re a real blowhard. Truth is, you may have to blow even harder just to get the rubber whiskers to look right.
  • Adult Man Pregnant Fairy
  • Sharknado Attack Costume
    “Sharknado,” the cable movie classic, has inspired this stylish shark attack costume. There are some people who might not get the reference (but you don’t want those type of people as friends, anyway).
  • Tissue Tyrant Toilet Paper Holder
    Going to the bathroom can be scary enough, (see “Psycho”lately?) but this toilet paper holder adds needed shock value to the experience. No one will hog the john at your Halloween party. No one.
  • Creepy Doll Head Salt And Pepper Shakers
    Kudos go to the makers of these salt and pepper shakers for being honest in their labeling: They are creepy. If you want to add to the creepiness, use a red spice like sumac or paprika instead.
  • Baby Whoopie Cushion Costume
    Babies stink, so any chance you can make of that simple fact is OK in my book.
  • Bloody Leg In Supermarket Plastic Wrap
    This fake leg will be a pleasantly gross addition to your haunted house, but you can double your pleasure by sneaking it into your grocery store’s meat department around April 1.
  • Trojan Magnum Condom Wrapper Adult Costume
    It takes a special type of person who can wear a giant condom wrapper costume: The type who realizes that wearing this outfit basically means they will have no chance to use a real Trojan on Halloween.
  • Gravy Candy
    When the kids say “Trick or Treat,” wouldn’t it be great to give them candy that takes like liquified meat droppings? Of course it would.
  • Skull Toaster
    Are you so excited about Halloween that you can taste it? This toaster, which burns the shape of a skull into the bread, will help you keep the spirit going. Of course, some people may just think the bread is poisoned.
  • Inflatable Gene Simmons Tongue
    Some celebrities have their own salad dressing. KISS bassist Gene Simmons has his own brand of inflatable tongues. The package says it’s suitable for ages 5 and up, but pervy adults might get more satisfaction from the product than kids.
  • Belly Buster Costume
    Did you eat too much candy and get a stomach ache? That’s what you tell them. Imagine their shock when they discover the real cause of your tummy trouble: A weird-looking zombie baby shoving its way out of your gut.
  • Sexy Grumpy Care Bear
    Women have a sad dilemma when it comes to picking a Halloween costume. “Do I want to look hot or do I want to look cute?” This sexy version of Grumpy Care Bear may not solve that problem but it’s better than a Teddy Ruxpin teddy or a Yogi Bear bustier.
  • Zombie Flamingos
    Face it: Pink flamingos don’t scare anyone except people with good taste. But zombie flamingos are an entirely different story. These avian horrors are sure to tell trick-or-treaters that your formally pleasant suburban home has crossed over to the dark side.
  • Bass Trophy Headpiece
    Wearing this Bass Trophy Headpiece is good for one reason and one reason only: The opportunity to say, “You should have seen the costume that got away” all night long. Yeah, that’s not a good enough reason.
  • One Night Stand
    “I don’t quite get your costume.”
    “I’m a one night stand.”
    “I still don’t get it.”
    “I’m a single night stand. Just one.”
    “Do you know what a ‘one night stand’ is?”
    “What you are?”
    “Forget it!”
  • Star Wars Pet Costumes And Chew Toys
    Just as babies are a blank slate for Halloween costumes, so too are pets. As long as Rover gets to bite his favorite Darth Vader chew toy, he probably won’t mind the Yoda ears. In fact, he might say forcefully, “Look cute in this doggy costume, do I?”
  • Skull Toilet Brush
    Some bathrooms are really scary-looking. With this skull toilet bowl brush, at least your guests will know the horrors dwelling within are intentional.
  • 70s Hairy Chest Sweater
    Halloween can be chilly and that makes dressing up as a 70s male porn star a daunting prospect indeed. This hairy chest sweatshirt allows a man to look like a douchebag without risking hypothermia.
  • Cougar Costume
    If you want to dress up sexy and cut loose on Halloween, you could do worse than to dress up as a cougar. But it only works if you’re absolutely the opposite in real life. It could be embarrassing if someone asks, “Where’s your costume?”
  • Poster Of Skeleton On Toilet
  • The Sushi’s On Me
    The competition for a sexy, yet unique Halloween costume gets raw with this outfit. As silly as this outfit may seem, wearing it to a Japanese restaurant could make ordering a lot of easier: Just point at your chest, tummy or crotch.
  • Inflatable Mouse In Trap
    Rats are a common accoutrement to haunted houses, but normal plastic or rubber rodents can freak out the young’uns. This inflatable rat in a mousetrap provides hours of imaginary animal cruelty as the wind gently pushes the giant rodent around, making it look as if it is struggling for dear life.
  • Stinkin’ Cute Skunk Costume
    In the neverending quest to make non-sexy animals into sexy costumes, some manufacturers have resorted to the lowly skunk. Be prepared for every guy who hits on you to attempt to sound like Pepe Le Pew.
  • Chewbacca Hoodie
    Some people don’t like dressing up in itchy costumes on Halloween. But not doing so at a Halloween puts you at risk of public ridicule. For those, there is this Chewbacca hoodie, the closest type of real clothing that might theoretically qualify as a costume. Maybe.
  • Inflatable Chub Suits
    If you want to be a sumo wrestler for Halloween, it’s a little late to start packing on the pounds. The next best thing may be an inflatable chub suit that increases your mass without increasing your weight (much).
  • 5-pound Gummy Bear
    Not all trick-and-treaters are equal, and for the ones you like more than others, there is this 5-pound gummy bear, sure to rip out the bottom of most candy bags.
  • Fake Breast Grab T-shirt
    Want to dress up for Halloween while still dressing down? This shirt which shows fake hands grabbing fake breasts is an easy way to wear a costume without actually doing anything more than the bare minimum.
  • Cereal Killer Bowl
    It’s hard to make Cheerios or Frosted Flakes scary, but at least you can add some chills by eating it out of a “cereal killer” bowl. If you’re on a diet, just tell yourself not to cross the yellow line.
  • Organ Donor Socks
    Going as a cadaver for Halloween? These organ donor socks will help you complete the package. Speaking of package, expect a lot of cheesy jokes along the lines of “What organ do you want to donate?”
  • Roach (sparkle eye)
    “Look into my eyes. What do you see?”
    “It looks like a … star?”
    “It’s supposed to be a roach, stupid!”
    “It is? Looks like a star or something, but not a roach.”
    “You are so … so clueless. It’s black with six legs — like a roach.”
    “Geez, don’t get so angry. I’m just telling you what I saw.”
    “OK. Now I see it. I guess it’s scary. Sort of.”
  • Deady Bear
    He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He starts stabbing when you walk by. This deady bear is guaranteed to give nightmares to kids already haunted by Toy Story 3. That’s not to be taken literally, of course. The company does not promise nightmares.
  • Evil Monkey
    If you’re going as an organ grinder who grinds real organs, you should have an evil monkey as a sidekick. This battery-operated harbinger of doom is sure to keep clanging his tiny cymbals long after Halloween passes on to Nov. 1. Especially if you have kids.
  • Butter-flavored Sucker
    When you hand out Halloween candy, you run the risk of disappointing someone. With these butter-flavored lollipops, there’s no risk: Everyone is going to be disappointed.
  • Scorpion Lollipops
    Finally, a candy that is scarier than the people wearing costumes.
  • Onion Ring-flavored Mints
    Deep-fried foods are one of life’s pleasures. Candy designed to taste like deep-fried onions? Not so much.

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