You Could Be a Part of Tim Burtons Latest Project


At any time throughout your illustrious educational career (whether you barely advanced past the third grade or have multiple PHDs), did you have a teacher to start out a story on a piece of paper and then instruct the class to add an insert and then pass the sheet around the room until the paper is filled with an entirely off the wall piece featuring each of your class mates? You know, you all virtually add on to each others previous parts.

Well, that is a bit like what legendary directer and all around artist, Tim Burton is executing via the wonderful world of Twitter (gotta love social networking at its finest). The project is entitled “Tim Burton’s Cadavre Exquis,” which translates into ” exquisite corpse.” Exquisite Corpse also refers to a game if you will, wherein individuals add on their desired excerpts to a piece of paper to in turn create a complete story. Pretty much like I was referring to initially.

Burton has instructed his faithful following (via Twitter) to add on to and therein his work of “Stainboy,” simply by using the “#BurtonStory” hashtag. The most valuable entries will then be handpicked by the esteemed filmmaker to then be featured in his forthcoming exhibit which will be housed in Toronto on November 26th.

Being a creative writers myself, this is definitely one of the more excitable experiments I have come across. Just the eager opportunity to “collaborate” with such a respected individual is pretty cool, to say the least. So jump on it as well, kids. Time to cash in on your 15 minutes of fame.