You Could Be The Man Of Steel With Bulletproof Skin!


Have you ever dreamed of being truly invisible? How about just bullet proof? Well, the wait might finally be over for all you wannabe Supermen and Wonderwomen out there. Wait, I forget… was she bullet proof? Well, who really cares? This is about you now. Huff News reported that “scientists have created a [bullet-proof] skin made with goat’s milk packed with spider-silk proteins, according to news reports.”

Scientists began doing this research in the hopes that they will “eventually replace the keratin in human skin — which makes it tough — with the spider-silk proteins.” Now this is starting to sound more like a Spiderman experiment. Who is funding these people? Marvel? Daily Mail reported just how these Dutch scientists actually go about making the super skin – a process which takes approximately five weeks to complete. “First engineered goats to produce milk that contains proteins from extra-strong spider silk. Then, using the milk from the goats, they spun a bullet-proof material; a layer of real human skin is then grown around that skin.”
Now don’t run out just yet with your new skin and start harassing gang bangers. That might be ‘jumping the gun’ to say the least. We still haven’t perfected this sci-fi concept to reality. Testing results show that the skin was only able to repel bullets fired at reduced speeds. “It was not able to stop a bullet from a .22 caliber rifle shot at a normal speed, which is the required standard for today’s bulletproof vests,” TechNewsDaily reported.

This comes as surprising news to me but apparently this substance that is milked out can be spun out and weaved into a material that is ten times stronger than steel according to the report. Now let’s think about this for a moment here. Is really hard skin a good thing when you’re not getting fired at? It might be a tad rough when touching each other. If you’ve ever slept with a robot, you know what I mean.

Who would have ever guessed that one day when somebody yelled, “He’s got a gun!”, you just might here in reply, “Who cares?”

(Images from Daily Mail)

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