“Your Highness” is Immature Humor Done Right [REVIEW]


Bare in mind, when you enter the cinemas to check out this flick, that it is written by and stars Danny McBride, a.k.a. Kenny Powers of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down”. So be prepared for some foul language and toilet humor. Be prepared to accept that a curse word may be the punch line of the joke. If you find happen to find immature comedy hilarious, much like myself, then this is a flick for you. If not, then steer clear because this flick is unbelievably stupid in every way.

Prince Thadeous (the lazy and fat McBride) is a stoner oaf who wants nothing more than to smoke the stickiest of the icky while having his minstrel Courtney entertain him all afternoon. He also likes to sleep around with various chambermaids and other flirty, voluptuous women.

Thadeous is a disappointment to his father unlike his brother, the brave and virtuous Fabious (James Franco).
Fabious is in love and getting married but his bride is stolen on his wedding day by the evil sorcerer Leezar. Now Fabious must quest, along with his pot head brother, to save his bride to be and forever rid the land of Leezar and his evil ways. On their road to Leezar’s castle they run into the beautiful young warrior Isabel (Natalie Portman). Together they join forces to take on the most evil man in the kingdom.

Your Highness” is a road comedy that is made for teenage boys with a penchant for blazing herb. I, however, am pushing 30 and don’t smoke (anymore) but I still found this flick to be a lot of fun. I love a good stupid comedy and this is just that.

All in all, a good flick to kick back and enjoy while forgetting about the troubles of the world.

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