Zsa Zsa Gabors Hubby Mistakes Glue for Eye Drops


Former Miss Hungary, actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor, 93, seems to have made another stellar choice with her ninth husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, 68.

According to publicist John Blanchette, von Anhalt accidentally glued his eye shut after mistaking glue for eye drops and is now wearing a patch over his eye.

“It was dark and he grabbed his wife’s nail glue instead of eye drops,” Blanchette said. He has since moved the glue out of the bathroom and into a safe place away from his drops.

“It was stupid,” Von Anhalt was quoted as saying when he returned to his Bel Air mansion after having a Beverly Hills’ doctor repair the damage.

No, stupid is when your wife has another glue incident three years prior when she uses crazy glue to attach fake eyelashes. What is it with this family?

Granted, if you consider Von Anhalt’s past you can see he has a tendency to act without thinking.

Take the incident in 1997 when he was apparently approached by 3 women asking for pictures and an autograph. According to von Anhalt, the woman robbed him at gunpoint, stripped him of all his clothes and then handcuffed him. Funny thing is he still managed to call the authorities on his cellular phone even though his hands were allegedly tied behind his back.

Wonder what did the dialin’…

Anyway, the good news is that von Anhalt’s eye will in fact heal and he will eventually be able to see again proving, once more, that he may not be the brightest bulb on this year’s Christmas tree, but he sure is one of the luckiest.

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